Sofa Hero Covers

Introducing our Sofa Hero Covers, crafted from premium materials, these luxurious covers don't just protect your sofa, but also transform it into a haven of relaxation. Experience the difference and give your living space an beautiful touch with our Magic Sofa Covers.

Perfect for households with pets and kids, our sofa covers are very easy to install and machine washable. They are the most effective solution to protect your sofa, all while enhancing its look.


Luxury Backrest Reading Pillow

Introducing our Luxury Backrest Reading Pillow, meticulously designed from high-end materials for the ultimate comfort experience. This luxurious backrest doesn't just support your posture, but transforms any spot into a cozy retreat. Feel the difference and elevate your reading nooks and relaxation zones with our Luxury Backrest Reading Pillow. Experience luxury, comfort, and style—all in one essential home accessory.

Perfect for avid readers and TV enthusiasts alike, our Luxury Backrest Reading Pillow is easy to maintain and machine washable. It's the ideal addition to any relaxation space, blending protection with a touch of style.

  • LOVE this pillow!

    This comfy pillow is perfect as a backrest for our daybed. The cover is soft and easy to remove for washing. It’s just the right firmness to be supportive without being stiff. I’d really like to have a second cover so that I can swap it out while washing the first one. Where can I buy another cover? -Malika Ruby

  • Relaxing support for your back!

    Soft but firm where you need it. Makes watching tv in bed wonderful. -Anastasia Kayle

  • This is the one!

    I have been looking for a pillow like this for years! It is absolutely perfect. It supports my back. I can move the roll up and down for added support on my back or my neck. I can lay on the wedge and put the bolster under my knees. It is very well-made. I love the high quality fabric. Only time will tell to see how well it holds up. I even ordered an extra one for my spouse! -Hailey Harr