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Sofa Arms Covers - Armrest Hero Covers

Sofa Arms Covers - Armrest Hero Covers

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You've probably already made a smart choice by protecting your sofa cushions with our Sofa Hero Covers. But what about the arms of your sofa, which often face even more damage?

Introducing our Armrest Hero Covers - the perfect add-on to your purchase. They're specifically designed to guard those vulnerable sofa arms that are so prone to spills, stains, wear, tear, and damage from pet bites and scratches.

Why Armrest Hero Covers are a must-have

Extra Protection: Sofa arms are often the first to show signs of wear. Our armrest covers provide an added layer of defense, making them perfect for homes with pets.

Pet-Friendly Design: We know how much our furry friends love to perch on sofa arms. Our covers are designed to withstand this extra use, keeping your furniture looking pristine even with pets around.

Match Your Style: Pick from a range of colors and patterns to perfectly match your new sofa covers.

Easy to Use: Just like our sofa covers, these armrest covers slip on and off easily, making cleaning a breeze.

Perfect Fit: These armrest covers are made to pair seamlessly with your Magic Sofa Covers for a uniform look and enhanced protection.

  • Sizing: stretchy enough to accommodate most sofa arm sizes.
  • 1 quantity = 1 pair
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    How can I wash my Sofa Hero Covers?

    Cleaning and maintaining the Sofa Hero Covers is a breeze. To get started, it's advisable to wash them before initial use. Upon unboxing, you may notice a slight natural odor, which is completely normal. To eliminate the odor and keep your covers fresh, simply machine wash them separately on a low setting. For the best results, opt for drip drying, though tumble drying on low is also possible. Please avoid ironing, bleaching, or dry cleaning the covers to preserve their quality and durability.

    What material are Sofa Hero Covers made of?

    They are crafted from a luxurious soft stretch jacquard fabric, comprising 85% polyester and 15% spandex material. These sofa seat covers have been specifically designed to offer exceptional elasticity, a soft touch, wrinkle-resistance, durability, and long-lasting performance

    Will it fit on a reclining sofa?

    Absolutely! The Magic Sofa Covers are designed to work with all types of sofas, including reclining ones, as long as the sofa cushions are removable and match the dimensions specified in our size guides.

    What is the return policy for the Sofa Hero Covers if I am not satisfied?

    Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not completely satisfied with the Sofa Hero Covers, we offer a hassle-free return policy. We will cover the shipping costs both ways, ensuring that you can return the product with ease and enjoy ultimate comfort and peace of mind.